Work with Natilik to ensure that your infrastructure is not just supported should an incident or down-time occur, but that it is also expertly monitored to eliminate these risks and minimise their impact.

From monitoring your automated backups to taking full ownership of your service alarm and threshold-based notifications and more, Natilik Enhanced Services provide you with the peace of mind that you are working with a partner who will proactively notify you of any threats to the integrity of your infrastructure, instead of waiting for an incident to occur before acting or alerting you.


  • Backup Management

    Your Natilik 24/7 Tech Support team will monitor your automated backups to ensure that they are successfully completed during the intervals agreed with your business. Should a back be found unsuccessful, an incident ticket will be raised on your behalf to work towards a timely resolution, minimising downtime and decreasing meantime to resolution.

  • Licence Management

    To guarantee you have the ultimate visibility of your licence compliance and utilisation, Natilik will provide you with regular updates and relevant timely advice around all your Collaboration licences. Reduce the risk of unforeseen outages and the unexpected costs associated with over-utilisation of licences by working with the Natilik team.

  • Solution Monitoring

    Let the Natilik team take full ownership of your service alarm and threshold-based notifications, taking pressure away from your internal teams and allowing them to focus on more highly skilled tasks. You can choose to enable this service across your entire Cisco estate, or with a select number of other Natilik partners, ensuring that your critical infrastructure is working at its maximum efficiency and no underlying issues go un-detected.

  • System Health Checks

    To ensure your Collaboration environment is delivering against your business goals and all key systems are functioning correctly, Natilik will carry out regular systems health checks. Taking the responsibility away from your teams, your dedicated Natilik Service Delivery Manager will assign a Natilik engineer to your case, providing you with the detailed reporting required to plan for future upgrades to your environment.

  • Vulnerability Management

    On a weekly basis, Natilik will review any newly published critical or high-risk Cisco vulnerabilities. Your dedicated Natilik team will then assess exactly which vulnerabilities are applicable to your estate and provide you with timely, expert recommendations for resolution.


  • Minimise Downtime

    Hand over the responsibility of monitoring your critical services to the Natilik experts and limit the occurrence of unforeseen outages that have a detrimental impact to your day-to-day operations.

  • Improve Meantime to Resolution

    Be alerted of outages or over-utilisation of services in advance, so Natilik can work with you to put a resolution in place in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Proactive Experience

    Work with a partner who will identify and remediate any future complications with your existing infrastructure, instead of waiting for an incident to occur before acting or alerting you.