At its core, Natilik is a business that cares deeply about delivering an exceptional service to all stakeholders: our clients, our people, our partners, our communities and our shareholders. This focus has driven our success to date and will continue to do so in the years to come.
  • 73

    Client Net Promoter Score
  • 86

    Employee Net Promoter Score
  • 21%

    11-year Revenue CAGR
  • 31%

    Four-year Recurring Revenue CAGR
  • 26%

    11-year Adjusted EBITDA CAGR
Financial Highlights

The year to March 2022 was another year of healthy growth for Natilik. Revenue grew 15% to £86.5m with recurring revenue representing 54% of the total. Adjusted EBITDA grew 12% to £7.3m.

Our Heritage


Second share buyback programme.


Launch of own IP platform, DevOps, and Hybrid Cloud PaaS Hosting Services into the marketplace.


Established UK business units.

ISO27001 Certified in all UK and international operations.


First share buyback programme.


Natilik brand established with centres of excellence set up in New York, London, Sydney.


Venture Capital backed management buyout completed.


Company founded with a focus on partnering with Cisco.
Ownership Structure

Natilik is 60% owned by its employees and 40% by a small number of external investors. As an appreciation for hard work and loyalty after just two years in the company, every person, no matter their role, is entitled to join the employee equity scheme.

From 2010 to 2021, Herald GP II Limited held a majority equity stake in Natilik as our venture capital investor. In March 2021, a refinancing led to the exit of Herald, with a number of individual investors remaining as minority shareholders.

Corporate Responsibility

At Natilik, we understand how important a role our ethical and social responsibilities and how they impact on our customers, employees and shareholders. The key policies are set out below:

Modern Slavery Statement

Anti Bribery and Corruption Policy

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Environmental Policy

Code of Business Ethics

Risk Management

Risk Management is owned at a group board level within Natilik, using a Risk Register which categorises known and potential risks based on their likelihood of occurrence and impact to the group. The Register is maintained centrally and reviewed with the wider leadership twice each year using methodologies consistent with ISO27001 – the International Standard for the Information Security Management. Natilik has held the ISO27001 standard globally since 2018. The key risks are then reviewed at a board level to ensure the appropriate risk mitigation plans are in place.

Group Board Members
Our Accreditations