To support the success of implementing a new service, you need to ensure that you are effectively communicating with both your internal and external stakeholders.

This engagement must be carefully tailored, not just around the type of technology, but also the different worker types within your business. The Natilik team will take the time to understand your business and its existing processes to maximise the success of your change.


  • Stakeholder Engagement

    Your success strategy is more than an IT project; it involves change management, training, and communication. If you have specialists or departments within your organisation in charge of these areas, Natilik will help you to engage with them as soon as possible to ensure they are involved in the setting of key goals and business outcomes.

  • Persona and Use Case Mapping

    Work with the Natilik team to conduct in-depth research into your users across all areas of your business, including surveys and focus groups, to gain a deep understanding of their roles and needs. The Natilik success team will then work with you to identify key personas and worker types within your business to design a communication and training plan to suit each of their requirements.

  • Communication Campaign Design

    Design and execute a sustained internal communication campaign to accompany your project, targeted to the needs and interests of your key personas. Push out to your people early on in your project life cycle, enabling you to highlight the changes your users can expect to see coming and ultimately guarantee that by your go-live date, they are as engaged as possible with your new solution.

  • Detailed Progress Evaluation

    Work closely with the Natilik team to measure your progress towards achieving the adoption goals you set at the start of your journey. At the end of the engagement, Natilik will provide you with a report detailing the current state of your project’s success, and any lessons you can take forward to the next stage.


  • Increased Team Productivity

    Ensure your workforce enthusiastically adopts your technology with a change management solution that makes communication easier, details progress and improves knowledge. Meaning you can get back to maximum productivity as soon as possible.

  • Reduced Communication Barriers

    Having open and clear communications around the changes that are taking place and how they will benefit your people will open a dialogue in which questions and concerns can be raised, discussed and overcome, helping to minimise resistance to change.

  • Future Proof Planning

    By effectively managing and understanding the requirements of your people through a detailed change management plan, you can ensure future projects are a success.