Your technology stack and infrastructure are growing at a rapid pace to support your business needs, from expanding remote workforces to increased cloud consumption.

Finding new ways to simplify and remove complexity for your teams is key to save time and resources for your business. Applying automation to your everyday business can free your teams from repetitive tasks, allowing their time and resources to be focused on other areas and business-critical projects. Automation can also be used to optimise your infrastructure and software by customising its configuration to align best with your goals.


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What is Automation and Infrastructure as Code (IaC)?

Automation technology helps minimise human interaction across your processes and procedures. IaC is the approach of managing and provisioning infrastructure through machine-readable source code files. With IaC you can write automated scripts to execute activities and tasks that increase the speed of actions and minimises the risk of human error.


  • Manage Your Network as Code

    Transform the management of your network and legacy systems with an infrastructure as code approach and open new opportunities to apply automation to your everyday tasks to save time and resources.

  • Innovative Tools and Integrations

    Enable your teams with the latest DevOps tools and integrations to connect and communicate between your business-critical systems and communities to inspire them to apply best practice automation to your technology infrastructure. The Natilik experts are on hand to offer advice, education, and consultation to help you take the first step on your journey.

  • Real Time Documentation

    Apply automation tools to generate automatic documentation from your live environment in real-time, giving your team the most accurate information to work with when managing your network and infrastructure. Don’t waste time looking for the latest version or relying on manual updates when you have access to real-time, accurate information at your fingertips.

  • Repeatable Best Practice Templates

    Share best practice templates and knowledge between your teams to ensure that a consistent and repeatable approach is applied across your business including configuration and deployments to documentation and policy rollouts.


  • Operational Efficiency

    Increase your operational efficiency and agility by automating rollouts, deployments, configuration, and management of your network environment, saving your teams time so they can focus on other priorities. As part of Natilik's Managed Services, documentation is automatically updated in real-time to ensure ops teams have the latest configurations.

  • Engaged Teams

    Open opportunities for your teams through automating tasks and reallocating resources to innovate the business, keeping their roles diverse and creating opportunity for greater impact to the business.

  • Increase Speed to Value

    Reduce the time it takes to deploy new infrastructure and start to realise the value faster across your business. Strengthen your unique offerings by bringing new products and services to market faster through the use of builders to automate complex time-consuming configuration.

  • Mitigate Risk

    Minimise human error through automation and gain consistency through code, giving additional reassurance and security. Rest assured that you remain compliant with real-time accurate documentation and logs connected to your environment that can be called upon request.

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    Deployment Builders

    Accelerate your team’s projects with best practice templates from Natilik that can be used to automate your deployments when expanding your environment across multiple technologies, including data centre and networking. Don’t let infrastructure slow down your business growth; equip your teams with the tools they need to roll out quickly and securely.

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    Automated Documentation

    Through ongoing managed services, give your teams accurate real-time information by creating automated documentation that acts as your single source of truth when updating and managing changes on your network. Ensuring that you are equipped with the visibility you require using the latest data to provide you with a greater understanding to help drive your business optimisation strategy. Utilising a user-friendly web interface, you can put the power of documentation into your teams’ hands wherever and whenever they need it.

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    Infrastructure as Code

    Wherever you are on your journey to applying an Infrastructure as Code approach, take advantage of tools, solutions and consultancy with the automation experts from Natilik. With packages designed to complement your IaC journey, leverage the knowledge and best practice advice for your team.

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    Applied Automation Sprints

    Work with Natilik to scope and build specific outcome focused programmes that tackle one of your network's challenging pain points. Working closely with you and your teams to find a solution, utilising automation and an IaC approach that brings together the required skills and industry leading tools.

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Why Natilik for Applied Automation?

As a Gold Cisco partner with award-winning DevNet specialisation, the dedicated Natilik DevOps team will help you tackle your business network challenges and uncover new insights that can help your business reach its goals. Whether it be through education, template building, custom services or helping manage your infrastructure as code, the Natilik team will work with you to realise the benefits of applied automation.

Partnering Together
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