The client, a British private equity firm headquartered in London, needed to implement a security solution that would protect them against the ever-growing cyber threat landscape. The client’s IT team was using valuable time and resource to monitor and remediate against potential threats to keep their organisation safe.
The client needed a solution which would fully protect them against potential threats and give valuable time back to their busy IT team. Natilik designed and implemented a comprehensive security solution made up of leading Cisco and Rapid7 technology, fully supported by Natilik’s 24/7 Tech Support team. The client now has an automated security solution which enables rapid threat response and remediation 24x7x365, saving their IT team valuable time which they can now invest in other business critical projects.


The client wanted to reduce their reliance on in-house resource to monitor and remediate any threats, which was taking up valuable resource time and effort. The team wanted to put a comprehensive security solution in place that would not only ensure they were fully protected from the ever-changing threat landscape, but would automate some of the time-consuming tasks that were taking the team away from other projects.


Natilik designed a solution that integrated into the client’s existing technology infrastructure. Whereby, the Natilik team implemented a Cisco Security Enterprise Agreement including ISE for secure access control, Cisco Umbrella and Cloudlock for cloud security, Stealthwatch for advanced threat detection and AnyConnect for secure VPN access. A global SIEM service was provided through Natilik’s SOC Partner Rapid7, which enables threat detection and remediation. The entire solution is fully supported by Natilik’s 24/7 Tech Support team, providing oversight of the solution and proactively remediating any issues rapidly.


The client team now have a global, automated security solution that enables rapid threat response and fast incident resolution 24x7x365. This has reduced the team’s reliance on human monitoring and intervention, saving them valuable time to focus on projects, development and analysis rather than spending time consolidating disparate security alerts and manually updating rules. The comprehensive solution ensures they are fully protected from any potential cyber security threats and the team can evidence stringent security controls to investors.