The client provides housing at different levels of affordability for people living in London, the South East, East Midlands and East of England.
Following a merger which led to the association tripling the number of users they had and doubling the number of sites, the client needed to consolidate multiple legacy disparate vendors and partners to improve their digital infrastructure and UK wide security. The Natilik team rolled out an enterprise-wide security solution, wrapped up into a Cisco Security Enterprise Agreement which not only secures their organisation but allows their IT team to have greater visibility and control across their entire network.


After a recent merger with another housing association the client’s IT team was responsible for deploying the most suitable infrastructure to the new partnership which needed to be fully secure and protected from the
ever-changing cyber threat landscape.

The client had multiple solutions, partners and vendors for security. It was highly complex with minimal levels of integration between solutions and limited visibility across the environment. This resulted in an environment that was difficult to manage and more vulnerable to potential attacks.


A series of discovery and planning sessions with teams from Natilik and the client, enabled Natilik to identify the client’s newly inherited security technology. It also allowed Natilik to understand their goals, what they were hoping to achieve from the project and discuss various technologies which would be a good fit for them.

In order to meet their requirements to deliver a secure and protected environment Natilik recommend that the team procure a Cisco Security Choice Enterprise Agreement “EA” which would provide flexibility as well as substantial cost savings too.

Natilik selected EA solutions to meet the client’s objectives and designed a 24/7 managed service to protect, monitor and remediate against potential threats. The client have also been aligned with a Natilik security specialist to ensure they can realise the maximum value from their solution. This enables the team to have complete peace of mind knowing their network is secure and frees them up to tackle other aspects of the merger.


the client now has a comprehensive, enterprise-wide security solution which is fully supported by Natilik. This provides them with greater visability and control across their entire organisation and ensures that they are fully secure and protected from the ever-changing cyber threat landscape.

  • Enterprise-Wide Consistency

    One comprehensive, enterprise-wide security solution allows the client to have greater visibility and control across their entire organisation.

  • Fully Supported

    The support offered by the Natilik 24/7 Tech Support team provides proactive, enterprise-wide monitoring and alerting.

  • One Single Partner

    Security services have now been consolidated into one partner, reducing operational overheads and allowing the team to focus on other merger activities.