Headquartered in the UK, the client is a leading European logistics company that employs over 1000 people across 19 sites. Due to their exponential growth the team were building the 2nd largest warehouse in Europe and faced the challenge of transforming their digital infrastructure in order to support new applications and tools to improve their warehousing, picking and user mobility. The team worked with Natilik to implement a software defined network providing cutting edge warehousing wireless and securing all wired ports and wireless in all back offices. The client now has a network that can have services, changes and remediation deployed in minutes across a vast estate that will support the latest in picking and warehousing solutions.


Due to the client’s exponential growth, and desire to be the best in class logistics and automated picking warehouse, the team wanted to transform their wired and wireless network as key parts of their digital infrastructure. In order to achieve this, the team were building the 2nd largest warehouse in Europe to cater for the increased requirements to meet their customer needs and required knowledge and expertise from Natilik to achieve this. The client’s team needed the solution to be simple to manage, monitor and secure to reduce the stress on their busy IT team.


Natilik designed and implemented a bespoke solution in just three months, helping the client meet their tight timeframes. The software defined solution consisted of Cisco technology, including, Cisco 9k LAN, over 200 Cisco Aironet wireless access points and SD-WAN with Cisco Hyperflex at the Core. Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) was also deployed. The client’s software defined network was secured using Cisco’s Stealthwatch for advanced threat detection, Anyconnect secure VPN, Identity Services Engine (ISE) for secure access control was also implemented, alongside Cisco’s Duo and Umbrella to ensure the network was completely secure using the world leading cloud and endpoint security.


The client can now deploy services, changes and remediation across the entire network in minutes, saving the IT team time. They also have 360-degree visibility and analytics over the entire solution, helping the team easily monitor the entire solution, ensuring the technology always runs efficiently. With over 1000 IOT devices supported and secured it enables an enhanced level of employee mobility and provides realisation of next generation environment that the client was after.