The client is a UK based gaming and entertainment business, employing over 1,000 people across the nation. For more than 25 years, they’ve been designing exciting games which delight their customers. This client is focussed on ensuring their games are accessible, allowing their customers to be able to play anywhere, at any time and on any device.

The client’s contact centre platform is their foundation to enable them to deliver exceptional customer experiences. The Natilik team deployed a contact centre solution encompassing Cisco’s Unified Contact Centre Enterprise and Cisco Unified Communications Manager, delivering the end-to-end reporting, capacity and quality testing and visibility the client required to empower their agents. Now, the client benefits from a contact centre solution that has removed the silos between their teams, can grow and develop with their business and delivers the humanised experiences their customers were asking for.


The client’s contact centre platform is their foundation to enable them to deliver best in class customer and retailer services. The ability of the platform to help the client innovate and continually improve their customer experience is critical to ensuring they keep their competitive advantage. However, their legacy contact centre solution was delivering against the business goals.


Throughout the project, Natilik held multiple Discovery Workshops with the client’s business units and leaders. This enabled the Natilik team to gather detailed information for all the key deliverables which ensured the new platform would be technically suitable but also deliver against the client’s business objectives and critically, regulatory requirements.

Natilik designed and deployed a leading contact centre solution built using Cisco’s Unified Contact Centre Enterprise and Cisco Unified Communications Manager, all complemented by a suite of Cisco ecosystem partners to further enable the client to deliver best in class experiences. The solution enabled self-service and computer-telephony integrations to provide streamlined customer experiences.

In 2023, as the client’s UCCE solution and integrated third-party products provided by Servion/Acqueon were reaching End of Life and End of Support, Natilik quickly came up with cost effective replacement solutions which are now fully supportable:

  • ServIntuit was replaced by Natilik’s in-house developed Contact Centre Navigator Portal
  • ServInsights was replaced by Cisco Unified Intelligence Centre
  • Acqueon Admin Console was replaced by Cisco Unified Management Portal
  • Empowering The Client's Team

    Agents were provided with best in class capabilities including a single view of all customer interactions within a contextual omnichannel desktop. A range of productivity tools and integrations to other business systems such as CRM ensures a seamless experience for the clients teams, whilst an omnichannel capable campaign manager delivers the ability to run progressive and predictive outbound campaigns to their retailers.

  • Simplified Management

    Supervisors, quality managers and team leaders are able to use end-to-end reporting and a unified view of the omnichannel interactions to glean useful information to make better informed business decisions. They are also able to simplify agent provisioning and day-to-day contact centre management for tasks such as updating audio prompts or business opening hours.

  • Capacity and Quality

    Additional workforce optimisation tools enables the contact centre team to work more efficiently by providing the tools necessary to plan resourcing for peak times and identify training needs using call recording, screen recording, quality monitoring, speech analytics and workforce management.

  • Today and Tomorrow

    Natilik designed and deployed a ‘pre-production’ environment that allows the client to test new or future configurations without affecting their live contact centre operations.


By partnering with Natilik, the client was able to deliver a simplified next generation contact centre platform that empowers both agents and contact centre managers, allowing their key business stakeholders to focus on their desired business outcomes and driving future innovations.

  • Better Experiences

    Channel choice has transformed customer experiences whilst agents have been empowered with rich insights at their fingertips. Customer service and loyalty has improved as clients received the humanised interactions they were asking for.

  • Unified Solution

    The single solution across all customer channels has removed the silos between teams, components and functionalities, providing a holistic view of all players and retailers.

  • Future Ready

    The client now benefits from an industry leading contact centre platform, with support and services to support their future business development and goals.