Your network connects your teams to the data, applications, and resources they need so they can excel in their roles.

Work with the Natilik team to ensure access is quick, secure and reliable, through a portfolio of feature rich products that will help you build a best in class network solution. Keeping your business always on, secure and connected, anywhere, anytime.

  • 23.1 Bn

    connected devices will exist by 2023. Three times the global population.

  • 43%

    of all networked devices will be wireless by 2022.

  • 60%

    of enterprise businesses will deem networking as core to their digital strategies by 2023.

Technology stack
  • Network

    In order for business success, your teams need access to the data quickly and safely to communicate effectively. A robust but agile network is the foundation your need, ensuring all of the elements connect together. Created from core components including; switches, routers and wireless access points, your network infrastructure can be physically wired or utilise wireless technology, or indeed be a seemless blend to fit your business needs.

  • Intent-Based Networking

    Intent-based Networking (IBN) will help to bridge the gap between your objectives and technology investment. By capturing business intent and constantly learning, adapting, and using contextual insights, your IBN will be able to automate many previously labour-intensive tasks, ensuring a consistent digital experience for all your users.

  • Cloud Networking and Security

    As your business and your clients embrace the use and adoption of cloud services, applications and infrastructure, it is important to build resilient networks that can support this change. A cloud network will accelerate your time-to-market and be able to scale at the speed you need to deliver on your business promises.

  • Internet of

    With the rise of connected devices growing exponentially, Natilik will help you design and deliver a network that supports their use. Making sure that your edge is fully visible, secure, and optimised to propel your business forward. Working on bringing the worlds of information and operational technology together, Natilik understands the challenges of extending your network beyond the traditional space and into real world and will ensure you are equipped to meet them head on.

  • Exceptional business performance

    Rapid access to data helps your teams react, adapt and deliver exceptional service time and time again, helping you to outperform your competition.

  • Cost effective sharing of resources

    Give multiple users access to data, files and expensive hardware such as printers and scanners to aid collaboration, boost productivity and protect budget. Plus, your software can be installed centrally rather than on every single device.

  • Keeping your business compliant and secure

    With built in security functionality, you can rest assured that your business data is secure and protected when it travels across the network. Removing any worry of a data breach, its associated brand damage and hefty fines.

Partnering Together
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